The Tabernacle


We walk with you 
in your spiritual 

with the Lord.

Your exciting growth journey in the Tabernacle begins with the Adult Christian Education (ACE) programme under Asian Pastoral Institute (API). This programme is specially designed to help you learn and practise God's word as you grow in the Christian faith. Through ACE, you will learn the five essential aspects of the Christian Faith: 1) Faith Foundations, 2) Purposed Discipleship, 3) Spirit-Filled Life, 4) People Care and 5) Missional Church. Come join ACE as part of your growth journey!


My growth journey ​with ACE

"I enjoyed the interactions in class and also listening to the experiences shared by the instructors on the topic. The ACE classes have equipped me with very applicable knowledge that I can use in my walk with God. The course content has given me a better understanding of the Christian faith."- Keith Tan

My growth journey with ACE

"ACE classes were foundational to my Christian Journey! They provided actionable insights in life as a believer that I still practise to this day!"
 - Jasmine Tan